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About R K Gold Leafing

R K Gold Leafing is one of most renowned names in the gold Leafing business. The extraordinary expertise with which our team carries out leafing work for wooden surfaces, home interiors, furniture, decor pieces etc gives an excellent finish to every surface. Apart from performing Gold Leafing for different surfaces, R K Gold Leafing is also known for delivering silver leafing, copper leafing and champagne leafing services. The extensive range of after Leafing services provided by our experts will make every leafing service last longer with less maintenance costs. R K Gold Leafing services will help you give an antique look to your precious artworks and make them look astonishing like never before.


R K Gold Leafing works with an objective to provide best of the kind leafing services by utilizing cutting- edge tools and equipment for better effect and customer satisfaction. We have been successfully fulfilling the needs of our clients with competitive services and prices in the leafing industry.


R K Gold Leafing aims to make its gold Leafing results even more spectacular with more cost efficiency. By utilizing better techniques of leafing, we keep our eyes on achieving new heights of consumer satisfaction with improved quality of work.

At R K Gold leafing company in Mumbai, such gold, copper, silver and champagne Leafing services are provided in order to make any home decor or anything else as good as new. The word gilding covers a lot of decorative techniques that involve applying fine metallic leaves or any powder to solid surfaces like wood, stone or metal to get a thin coating of any metallic color. These gilding techniques are mostly used in frame making, cabinet making, decorative painting and interior decoration. Here are some of the Leafing services provided by R K Gold leafing company Mumbai:

  • Gold Leafing: As discussed earlier, Gold Leafing is basically a process to accentuate the beauty of any surface by applying thin gold sheets on it. This doesn’t just make the surface shiny but it also makes it look rich, unique and a treat to the eyes. The process of gilding wood with thin sheets of gold is called gold leaf, and it is the same technique used since the olden days.
  • Silver Leafing: Just like gold Leafing, silver Leafing is basically a process through which silver color sheets or Vaark are used for giving shiny white color to a particular object. Lately silver Leafing is being used in interior designing, home decor items, and much more.
  • Champagne Leafing: Champagne Leafing is the best choice for those who do not want to get either gold or silver coating on any object. This kind of Leafing refers to a shade which is a mixture of both of the above mentioned tones, i.e. honey dew.
  • Copper Leafing: Copper Leafing is a way to achieve that reddish brown shade of antique looking metal on any particular item. In this process, fine copper colored sheets are applied to a furniture, decor piece, during interior designing, etc, to give it an antique look.

Highlights of R K Gold leafing services:

You will definitely find a lot of gold leafing service providers but only the experienced ones will be able to provide you the perfect leafing results. Here are some of the major factors about RK Gold Leafing that make it an excellent choice for gold leafing work:

  • We provide high quality gold leafing work at very competitive prices and take care of every project personally by keeping the comfort of the customer in mind.
  • Our highly experienced and expert workforce is known for delivering excellent quality of work to every customer.
  • Our decorators give great hand carved finishes in gold leaf to give an excellent visual effect to any design, decor, furniture, etc.
  • As decorators, they add class to a design with glamour, great appearance, luster, and much more.
  • The process of leafing finesses a surface while the gold or silver color magnifies the aesthetics but such perfection is only possible with the cutting edge tools and the expertise on our end.
  • For us, customer satisfaction is our utmost priority as we try to maintain a long term relationship with them by providing better service quality.
  • The techniques used by our experts are examined to prove better and best Leafing results with long lasting life span.
  • We also provide an extensive range of after Leafing services which consists of the maintenance or up keeping of the surface for which Gold Leafing has been done.
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