Best Gold Glitter Leafing Service/Company In Mumbai - R K Gold Leafing

Gold Glitter leafing

All that glitters may not be gold but it can definitely give you the feel of gold. Gold Leafing is the ultimate method to get the antique gold plated look on any surface without having to spend so much money. Gold has always been the most preferred choice for ornamentation, decoration and much more since the ancient times. But it has become too expensive to be used in home decor and coating any surface to give it a spectacular look. That is why gold Leafing is an absolutely perfect replacement of real gold as the gold leaf sheets are used to give the same shiny yellowish look to any work of art. Gold Leafing or gilding is the process in which thin sheets of gold are applied to any surface to make it glamorous. These sheets are prepared by beating gold into thin sheets which are ready to be used on a surface.

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